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I don't know why, but my throat is sore today. It's progressively getting worse and worse as the day went on. I don't know anyone around me who's gotten a cold, so it's from some outside public space. Not happy about it. It's like 2 weeks after my bout with the flu. *sighs*

So things with the car are going on again. I just have to phone some places for some insurance quotes. Hopefully I can get by with not knowing the essential driving info like when I got my license. It's been so long. I know I must have had it for at least 6 years. That's how long I've had the Tracker for. I'm going to miss my first car. My heart is hurting knowing it's days with me are coming to a close. Even with all the troubles it's given me, I will still miss my first ever car. But on to bigger, better vehicles. Ones that run in the winter. One that won't stop at red lights. One that doesn't shudder all the time.....or as Lyndon says 'shake itself apart'. 

Well off to bed.....cheers!

May. 11th, 2010

So I was having a pretty good day today. I think my supervisor was pissy at me since I took so long doing my stuff, but frankly I don't care. I'm looking for the new job so hopefully I won't be employed at BP for too much longer. It's nice to work the odd day shift. I'm tired of most of the night antics. I really need a job with adults rather than teenagers. I like the youthfulness....but it's time to move on.

I was at home and making an attempt to make those nylon netting crocheted pot scrubbers (and just let me say it's a horrible experience right now, I have no clue what I'm doing wrong....). I was cutting the netting with my rotary cutter and my left hand kind of just did it's own thing and slapped it's thumb into the blade of the cutter. It bled like crazy but doesn't really hurt. I think it's such a nice clean cut it'll be ok.

My littlest hermit crab went naked today. And I think what happened was he went into the salt water tank and got himself suck under the shells at the bottom. I found his empty shell there. I put him in a cup with that shell and 3 others. He tried to go into one that he didn't fit in then found his old one and is ok now. I was way cooler about this nakedness then the last two. No freaking out and thinking he was a goner. Everything is a-ok....so far.

Well I'm off to bed. I'm sleepy cuz I had an early awake, and I have to get my day going early since I have to water the plants tomorrow. Cheers!
I feel horrible. I'm a liar and and thief (ok not a thief....but it just went together so nicely). I keep saying I'm coming back to Livejournal....my old FRIEND. But then I go and avoid it like it's the black plague or something. I had a saved draft on here, so I decided to see what it was....well it was my Ginger is 4 announcement on her birthday.....in FEBRUARY! Yeah....so a liar I am. But I will try. I don't even check the list of friend's posts....I hate to say it....but Facebook addiction has come over me. I think that's what has taken me away from LJ. I will try my best. I have had this account for many many many years and I'm not about to loose it because I don't use it enough. This is ridiculous! And if you imagine me slapping the tops of my hands, I am! ;p

So...News....Scamp is about one full page close to being DONE! I want him finished! Unfortunately this is all I do. My house is a mess, my gardens need wedding BADLY...and I sit on my couch cross stitching away like everything around me is fine *shakes head* It'll be for sure done before Christmas. I was worried it wouldn't be, but I just focused on it all winter so I've got this huge chunk done. I don't know if I'll get on to another cross stitch after he's done. I'm sure I will within the year. It's my obsession. It's so portable and just relaxes me. :D

Ginger is doing her agility thing. Outdoor classes start next Tuesday. Very excited about that, but nervous since she's a terrier and they like to wander and only come back when they want to. Luckily I know her weakness and as long as I have a ball in my pocket 90% of the time I can get her to come back to me. Treats also work....but not all the time. Stubborn terrier, perfect dog for me! And she got a summer haircut. She is SO stinkin' cute with it. She needed the cut since her fur was matting and I just couldn't keep up with trying to brush it. It's growing out so cute. I just always want to hug her she's so cute. I'm weak for that dog.

Lyndon and I are at.....9 months I think......I don't even know. I couldn't even tell you when everything was even official boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I should ask him. It was never asked, it was just that. I know when we went on, I guess would be out first date. June 27th. Montana's. We met there and it was the day after my Uncle Tom's funeral. But hey, we're still going out so I'm happy. I'm just happy someone has put up with me for this long! ;p

Well that's all for today. I wish I was more entertaining....but not at this hour. Knowing I have to be at work in 8 hours *sighs* Cheers!
So Merry last Christmas to those who still read this dusty old blog. Every year I say I'm going to do better at writing and yet I go on a deny those who read it my senseless words. 

With that being said I keep thinking I should  write a list of things I would like to accomplish in this up coming year. It will be a list made out of necessity and interest of if I can accomplish this goal. Suggestions would be wonderful....but I do know what I will be starting it off with:

1 - Get Scamp DONE DONE DONE!!!!!
    - This is imperative since it's going to be a gift. Getting it done the earlier the better....framed and everything so it will be done in enough time to  give away.
2 - Lose many inches
    - Currently I don't know how MANY inches I would like to lose....BUT a few sizes down would be a wonderful thing. :D
3 - Find a new job
    - preferably a career-like job so I can work normal hours and feel like the adult I should feel like.....but I will miss my boys at work if it does happen :*(
4 - Get a new vehicle!!!!
     - making payments will suck.....yet again...BUT a reliable car (and one Lyndon will ride in) is always an advantage
5 - Sell more things on Etsy
     - self explanitory
6 - Ginger and Agility
     - Get her to the point where we can compete in the competition in the summer.....also flydog?
7 - Donate my mane
     - Yes.....the hair is going to be chopped by summer's beginning to give my neck a break and hopefully some lucky kid a piece of my curl.

OK.....there could be more to come.....well I know there is.....but I should get some sleep. It's my semi-off day (as in I do have to work the plants tomorrow....joy......) Cheers!


So here I am.....procrastinating on cleaning the house. I'm actually quite closer to being clean than I was the last time my folks came into town. It feels pretty dammed good to say the least. The coffee table is actually ALMOST cleaned right off! Now THAT is a feat in itself! :D I need to neaten up the office room and pull my mattress from out of the closet and set it up on the floor. If I have that done soonish it'll be good. I'm going to finish the living room, clean the office, move to the porch, then kitchen. The bedroom and bathroom will be last since they will be the last things needed in the end.....well first really. If my parents do stay here, I need to change the bed that day. The bathroom is always a work in progress....but that being said, I need to finish the SUPER SIMPLE job of painting the corners in it. I still haven't done it. It's not like I'm putting a second coat on the whole room. It's the corners I couldn't reach with the step stool but am now in possession of a ladder that will let me have access to the corners and I STILL haven't done it. *shakes head* I should do it today and then I will safely be able to shower tomorrow without worrying about it getting ruined from the moisture....hhhhmmmm.....or having to worry if the walls are too wet to have a shower yet. Oh the choices.

Anyway....I should get this all done. Plus I have to work close tonight. It's going to be another long day.....*sighs* I sometimes long for those 9-5 shifts so I wouldn't be working until 3am. As much as I know that I'm a nighthawk, I think it would finally make me somewhat 'normal' and on a good sleep schedule. Cheers!
I have no clue why today ended up feeling like the longest day of my life, but it did. I woke up at 10, had a shower and got myself ready to start my day. I loaded up my car with some large rubbermaid bins and my plant accessories. I headed over to Cheadles to take care of my plants. All in all it took me about 2 hours to do it all. I used to be able to do it all in 1.5 hours....I've gained a half hour. No clue how, but it makes what I get paid seem that much more worth it I guess. Nothing big going on there. Worried slightly about the HUGE dieffenbacia in one of the partners' office. I will going online to look at ways to support it. I swear the circumphrence of the stalk is possible 10-12" and the leaves have to be at least 2 feet in length from the tip to the base of the leaf. It's huge and I'm in love with it. :P After the plants I took my rubbermaid bins and went to Hilldale. The plan was to empty some boxes and dump them in the rubbermaid bins (I had to do that to make sure I wouldn't be bringing any mice home with me). I empties about 5 boxes in total and brought 2 filled with papers back here. I wasn't worried about the ones with the papers in them since they were fulled sealed with no holes in them. I'm relaly upset about what I've let happen to my stuff there. I have so much soap and soapmaking supplies that are pretty much ruined. That's a lot of money down the tubes. Plus all my books are moist feeling and I'm sure have that telltale mould smell. I'm going to bring them home before winter sets in again. My music books also have suffered the same fate, plus they had some heavy box on top of them bending and destroying them. At the beginning of summer I rearranged them under a heavy box to try to flatten them out again. I'll bring them home the same time I bring the other books home. I also have SO much stuff I need to get rid of on Ebay. I will post them once. If they don't sell I will sell them at my yard sale or find specific communities that look for people who want to collect/buy the old 80's toys I have a lot of. Most of it is common stuff so I'll just put it in the yard sale, but there is some stuff I have that is different. Anyway, I was there for 1.5 hours, sorting and other stuff. I left and headed home, let the dog run for a half hour and put her back in the kennel so I could go on my hot dinner date with Candice. I hadn't seen her for months, so it was time to catch up. We went to our usual Prospector and ate a lovely supper. I had to cut it short though since I took a shift at work since Adam got the flu and brought a doctor's note in. He couldn't work his next 3 shifts. I (after talking to Candice about moving our dinner time up) took his late. I got to work for 6 (which I said was my time) and seen that Matt wasn't looking so hot either (he called in on Tuesday). I ended up taking his close from him, and we let him go home first since he looked like he was on death's door. And he likes to work. He doesn't like to give his shifts up since he can't work as much anymore since he's in school.

I think it was Hilldale that did me in. I was trying to neaten things up as much as I could. Moving heavy boxes....one of them that I brought home was quite heavy as well. And I have to work Thursday 12-9, Friday 4:30-3:30am, Sat 5-short, Sunday 5-short, Monday off, Tuesday 9-2:30 (pick up parents from airport), Wednesday 12-9, Thursday 5-late and then the weekend comes and off to Duluth I go to buy Christmas gifts and attempt to not buy things I don't need (which Lyndon so dutifully pointed out to me....seriously he's good for me. He's my serious logic I don't seem to pocess 90% of the time when it comes to 'THINGS').

Anyway....bed calls loud and clear! Cheers!

The drought is OVER!!!

I've seen my man and I'm a happy camper. He said to me on Friday night how he's suddenly allowed to see people. I always ask him how he's doing, bored.....so I told him I wish I could alleviate him of his boredom. Oh you can apparently come over now, he informs me. Oh....anyway...cut to tonight. I make the plans, and we have dinner and go see a movie. YAY!!!!! So now we're back to having somewhat of a normal relationship that's not based on texting. Thank god!

I finished my 3rd page of Scamp the cross stitch. I've been working on my fourth page as much as I can. I'll sit and watch a movie and work on it. Then put it down and clean house. As long as I make that plan "ok watch this movie, and work on Scamp, then clean." I seem to get things done. It feels good that I'm getting something accomplished. I still have a lot to do, but it's SO much further than it was earlier last week. I work 9-5 (more like 9-2 or 3)  tomorrow so I don't know how much cleaning I will feel like doing, but if I get a few hours in I'll feel good.

Well it's bed time for me Cheers!
So y'know when you have this feeling that...something isn't quite right with the outside world? You just lie in bed thinking how the light filtering through your curtains is....just different this morning compared to any other morning you've experienced for the last 6 months.

Then it dawns on you.

That light....

That slightly brighter colour....

Is it......

No it can't possibly be.....

*sneaks a peek outside*

Yes....*sighs* it's snow.

What in the heck weather? Did someone inform you that we are not back to the 80's/90's when Halloween ALWAYS had snow on the ground! NO! Only fashion is back to that (horribly fashionable) time!!!! I'm liking the lack of white stuff. I have to look at it for TOO MANY months.

I'm going to drive Lyndon nuts with my winter grumblings. I will never go out (although he might find that a bonus ;] ) and I pretty much hibernate. I will be hopefully getting stuff from Hilldale before too much snow flies and bringing it here so I can go through it and find things I KNOW I'm missing.

So I'm going to be getting a 75 or 80 gallon tank for the hermies! I was going to buy one from my manager, but he informed me that his kids cracked the back without telling him, so I was SOL. But last night Adam from work told me he had one left and would just give it to me. :D Super happy. Now I have to get my house cleaned up and get that thing here so I can set it up before my parents come! This is my goal. I have 2 weeks and I think I can do it! As long as I don't get sick, everything's a go!  YES YES YES!!!!!

3 1/2 weeks until Lyndon can see me without me getting it. Countdown begins!
So Lyndon has mono! Oh lovely. He's off work for a month and no seeing me. I was reading about it online and he's infectious for a few weeks and it has been bad starting this week.  I don't want it since I've never had it. I'm pretty sure I won't get sick anyway since I'm some immune crazy person, but I'm not taking any chances. This is going to suck. And by the time we can probably safely see each other, guess who's in town!?!?!? Which means another week of not seeing each other...or at least any time to ourselves. Colour me impressed....I hardly think so. I also want to bug him about who he's been kissing other than me....but I won't go there....at least not yet...heh, heh.

So things have been normal....I'm doing a big 'clean' AKA moving things around so my house doesn't look that bad. My folks come in 3 weeks and 5 days. I want things done. I also want the new aquarium set up for the Hermies so I can buy more (YES it's an addiction! At least it's not drugs!!!). I have to hunt down one of those old school desks that are higher. I bought my first one from the sally ann and I have always seen them there.....until I need one. so I want to go there everyday so I don't miss out on one. But that's totally illogical, so when I go out I make sure I make time to go and check it out. As soon as I see one, it's mine. No questions. I've already got an idea of where the new crabitat is going to go, now I have to decide if I want to change around my living room again. I get so bored of the way things are set up and try out different things. As soon as I clean it up moving shall commense! I'm kind of excited about the prospect. I'm getting that itch so I need to clean fairly fast!

I'm looking forward to Saturday. Not only is it my first day off in 9 days (yeah I'm dumb, tell me something I don't know) and it's Thanksgiving dinner at Elise's house. Then I start at 6 day run cuz I'm an idiot. Tip pool will be pretty sweet though....and my cheque will be as well.

Anyway I just wanted to post since I was online and I have been lacking. Cheers.
It's 5 am and I'm still up. I really want to go to bed, but my mind won't urge my body to do so. *sighs*

Today was hell at work. It just wouldn't end. Constant bills coming from the printer until 11. Just when you thought there was a quiet moment and we call sort of drew a relieved breath.....it would start again and we'd get ourselves into food making mode again. I closed as per usual. On the drive home, on Red River Road, 1 or 2 eggs were thrown at my car as we drove past a speeding (possibly white) truck. I was with Fred and James giving them rides to their respective houses. What a way to top off my night. Those youngsters are very lucky I was too tired to do anything, that my phone wasn't accessible, and that my car has no power behind it. When I got home I took the hose to my car because I didn't feel like trying to get it off in the morning when it (potentially) dried up.

I also feel bad cuz I texted Lyndon while on my supper. He didn't text me back until I got back down from supper. By that time I had no time to answer him. He sent me 2 one asking how my night was and then then second saying something about not talking to him. I took a quick moment to just text him back "it's f-ing busy!" But I guess that had hte undertones of leave me alone....which I didn't mean it too....I guess it just kinda reads that way. He sent me one back saying "I understand sorry I was buggin you." I apologised through 2 texts but haven't gotten anything back yet. Texting is just as bad as MSN. You can't really express the emotion behind what you're saying. I hope I can see him tomorrow after work. But I have a feeling that if it was anything like today was, I won't be seeing him at all. *sighs* And it's been 3 months now! :D I'm SO happy! I just can't believe this....I don't know why I can't....I guess I just don't have the best track record with guys. It's wonderful though!

I think I may have a mouse in the house already. Ginger is WAY WAY WAY too interested in the area behind the TV. I am slowly cleaning it up and trying to organise it. I'm thinking of moving my TV over and trying to make hte area behind my TV my crafty space. I also want to get a bigger aquarium for my hermies. I have 13 now and the small 30 gallon is WAY too small for that many. I'm hoping one of the managers at work will still sell me this 80 gallon he has for $50. I know where I want to put it, if my idea will work out. I'm just going to have to move things around to find out. There are 6 Hermies up for grabs on kijiji....but I don't have what this person is looking for in a set up. It makes me sad cuz I would totally go for them, if I fit the requirements. I'm happy they have such high sandards though. I feel bad that mine aren't getting the 100% proper care (although I did just get a very successful molt from a hermie....a very rare hermie if it's the type I think it is!) but I'm working on it. If worse comes to worse I will just set up another smaller tank for them and split them up. It's a sick addiction, but at least it's not smaking, drinking or drugs. I point that out to people now when they say "you got MORE hermit crabs!?!?!!?!?"

Anyway, I think I'm going to head to bed now! Cheers!